IP snapshot

IP audits or due diligence exercises take stock of an IP portfolio and highlight any risks, deficiencies and recommendations for improvement. This may be useful (or required!) before acquisition of a company or part of its IP portfolio, before a licensing or finance deal, before an initial public offering (IPO), or more generally where an IP portfolio is in need of reinvigoration.

We recognise that there are situations, though, where the time and cost involved in a full-blown IP due diligence exercise is out of the question. Therefore, we have devised a simple fixed-fee service for use in these scenarios, for those looking for a smart, customised snapshot of an IP portfolio.

One of our attorneys will discuss your priorities with you and then spend half a day digging up as much relevant information as possible before reporting back to you. You may be surprised to see how much can brought to light by us in this time.

For example, we could look into one or more of the following questions (depending on your priorities):

  • What is covered by the IP portfolio? What are the main cases?
  • Are there any major gaps or problems at first glance?
  • At what stage is the portfolio? Can it still be expanded?
  • Is the geographic coverage appropriate?
  • When does exclusivity expire?

Of course, where required, additional investigations or a full due diligence review can be agreed. If you would like to know more about this, please contact Jakob Bumke.