These terms set out how we use Huddle, our client portal and file sharing service. In order for us to provide you with access to your documentation via Huddle, we require your agreement with these terms. These terms should be read in conjunction with our Business Terms and the Engagement Terms we have prepared for you. Nothing in these terms supersedes anything in either of those documents.

Your Files

A complete copy of each of your files is kept on out internal document management system. We use Huddle to allow you to have easy access to documents from those files. The copy of each file on Huddle may not be complete, nor can we guarantee that it is completely up to date at any point.

Security of Huddle

Your data and files will be stored on Huddle’s servers. Whilst we are comfortable with the security Huddle offers, we cannot guarantee the safety of those files or data, nor will we be held responsible for any breach thereof.

Each member of your organisation that is to have access to your workspaces must have their own login and must not share that login with anyone else. Secure passwords are to be used.

Receipt of material and instructions

We cannot take instructions via Huddle. We can only receive instructions via email, mail or telephone, as per our Business Terms.

We cannot guarantee that we have received any document you upload to Huddle, nor that any document you upload will be kept in the file. You should ensure that you keep a copy of anything you upload.

Confidentiality and Privilege

Only employees within your organisation that are in direct contact with us should have access to your Huddle files. You should not give access to your Huddle files to anyone else, inside or outside your organisation, without checking with us first. Doing so could affect your right to privilege in those documents in any legal proceedings. If you download any files from Huddle, you should ensure that they are stored securely.

Ongoing Access to Huddle

We cannot guarantee permanent long-term access to Huddle and we reserve the right to withdraw access at any point. Prior to withdrawing access, we will endeavour to let you know that we are going to do so. If we do withdraw access, we will be able to provide you with any documents you need from our full file.

Changes to our Huddle Terms

From time to time we may need to update these terms. Our current terms will always be available here. We will assume that you have understood and accepted the most recent version of the terms, unless you let us know otherwise.

Governing Law

These Terms, along with our Business and Engagement Terms, between you and Greaves Brewster LLP, are governed by English law, and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim connected with them and/or under this contract.