Partner Sabbatical – Rhiannon Turner

Here at Greaves Brewster, we believe that it’s important for everyone to have space in their lives away from work, to give opportunities to rest and recharge.  

Although the opportunity to lead our firm is a privilege which all of the partners enjoy, leadership can be a tiring business. The partners of the firm have a busy time looking after the current and future health of the business, the wellbeing of the people who are so important to it, supervising the technical work of other team members, as well as maintaining their own case load and staying in touch with clients and other contacts. As any business leader will know, this can be a full-on experience and day-to-day pressures can crowd out chances to reflect. 

With this in mind, we encourage anyone who has been a full-time partner for a ten year period to take a sabbatical. This is up to six months away from the firm, to be used however the individual pleases! The first partner entitled to take this is Rhiannon Turner, and she will be taking her break for the second half of 2021, returning in January 2022. 

Although each sabbatical will be different, Rhiannon is planning to spend much of hers learning about all the various things she’s been interested in over the last few years, but hasn’t had time for. She tells us she has a long list of webinars, courses, and reading material that she’s keen to get into! She’ll also be spending time at home in her garden and with her family, and (if travel restrictions allow) some time in Australia towards the end of the year. Before all that, though, she’s breaking away from life in front of a screen by embarking on a 200 mile walk across south west England! We wish her well! 

In Rhiannon’s absence, should you require advice on any matter, please contact Rachel Wallis or another member of the team at GB.